In September 2019, the world watched as Hurricane Dorian stormed through the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco as a Category 5 hurricane. During it’s 3-day journey through these islands, this storm erased any evidence of life in some neighbourhoods and communities, leaving behind a trail of trauma, heartbreak, sorrow, disbelief, and death. 'I Survived Dorian', a University of The Bahamas project, aims to provide a platform for the Survivors of Dorian to share their experiences of Dorian and their views on how disaster preparedness and response can be improved.


"Hurricane Dorian cannot be considered a one-off incident for The Bahamas. This hurricane is just the latest example of the impact of climate change on the environment and how we experience natural hazards in The Bahamas. 


To redefine the next century of Climate Action and Disaster Preparedness, the Voices of the Survivors of Dorian need to be amplified to tell a more complete story — stories of movement and migration, hardship, struggle, recovery, and hope. The Bahamas is more than beautiful geology, wildlife, and scenic views. It’s a homeland—a place of history, library of cultural knowledge, a den of life and memories—to many."