Read the IPCC's 2018 Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC here


Saudi Arabia, the US, Kuwait and Russia wanted the final statement to merely “note” the UN science report on the effects of 1.5C rise in the global temperature. But a call that started with the alliance of small island states pushed to “welcome” the findings. - Katowice brief: Saturday night drama, Climate Home News


Science Group Deeply Alarmed by Efforts to Downplay IPCC Special Report at COP24 - Union of Concerned Scientists


CDBreportClimate resilience is a critical priority as the Caribbean Region seeks to protect development gains already achieved and to address the specific challenges and opportunities presented to improve resilience in a range of sectors; particularly, infrastructure (roads, airports, ports, coastal and river defences), tourism, agriculture and renewable energy and energy efficiency. Climate resilience is a key priority in the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) work and investments. CDB has been actively improving the resilience of its portfolio in climate-sensitive sectors such as water, agriculture and physical infrastructure. CDB mobilises and facilitates access to concessionary resources from global partners to help its BMCs finance the effective implementation of policies and investments as part of their wider sustainable development programme.